Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Poll: 56% of Americans Believe Media Coverage in Iraq 'Inaccurate'

From Editor&Publisher

January 04

New York : A new Gallup poll released today reveals that most Americans -some 56%- believe that the news media's coverage of the war in Iraq is generally "inaccurate."

But in what way? Of those who feel that coverage has been inaccurate, 61% feel it has painted too negative a picture there, while 36% say it has pictured it as too positive.

That means that overall, about one-third of Americans believe that the news media presents too negative a picture of what is happening in Iraq; one out of five believe that the news media presents too positive a picture, and the rest say that the news media coverage is about right or have no opinion.

Looking at the partisan divide, Gallup explains: "Two-thirds of Republicans believe that the news media's coverage of Iraq is both inaccurate and makes the situation there appear worse. Only one-quarter say that the news media coverage is accurate.

"On the other hand, a majority of Democrats (55%) say that the news media coverage of the situation there is accurate, with most of the rest saying that it is inaccurate and biased toward making the situation there appear better than it really is. Independents' views on the issue are between the two extremes of the Republicans and Democrats.

I'm not surprised at this finding. Most people realize that the media has always been more interested in showing the destructive side of war, rather than the positive side. Rarely, can I pick up my local paper and see a "positive" headliner on the war in Iraq. Usually, the front page is totally negative.

I can not accept the line of thinking that says that after three years of U.S occupation, we have accomplished NOTHING more than a collection of "road-side, bombed-out" vehicles, and flag-draped coffins of dead American soldiers and Iraqi citizens. We must have accomplished something good while in Iraq, but you would never know it by watching your daily news coverage.

Let's see what happens with more troops on the way?


At 11:45 PM, Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Great post!! Today a marine mom called into Rush's show. Her local news station taped her watching Bush's speech and got her reaction. They ended up not showing hardly any of it instead deciding to air a young wife of a marine who was anti-Bush and the war.

There is nothing objective about that at all. Instead of showing some of both they went with the anti-Bush lady. I can't tell you how much that infuriates me. The Drive By Media has really succeeded in giving the average person the impression that things are much worse in Iraq than they really are. There is lots of good news in Iraq but you would never know it watching the news. That isn't fair to our country, our soldiers or Iraq.

At 11:09 PM, Blogger Cajun Tiger said...

If you poll the people who have been in Iraq it would be 100% who say the media isn't showing the truth there!


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