Monday, November 03, 2008


This is my first post in quite some time. I haven't the time to sit at my computer and put my thoughts down like I would like, so I just spend the little time I have reading my favorite blogs and occasionally leave a little comment here and there. But now, On the eve of an extremely important election, I feel the need to express to anyone whom may come across this blog to exercise your right and vote. As well as pray!

Personally, my vote is for McCain for the simple reason that he is first and formost a real patriot, who has the experience and fortitude to run the country in a time when those characteristics are needed now more than ever. Even though he has gone out of his way to show himself to be a little to "bipartisan" on important issues, he has convinced me that he can do an adequate job of both strengthen our economy as well as our national security. Obama, unlike McCain has no record to run on. And what is more troubling is his much publicized past associations with radicals that hate America. That alone should throw up a red flag in front of those who are considering him for President!

So in short, the choice is yours. Two very different men with very different visions on how to run your country. Your vote matters.