Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Are You A Internet Addict?

From Breitbart.com

Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine in Silicon Valley said their telephone survey indicated more than one of every eight US residents showed at least one sign of "problematic Internet use".

The findings backed those of previous, less rigorous studies, according to Stanford.
Most disturbing was the discovery that some people hid their internet surfing, or went online to cure foul moods in ways that mirrored alcoholics using booze, according to the studies lead author, Elias Aboujaoude.

"In a sense, they're using the Internet to self-medicate," Aboujaoude said. "And obviously something is wrong when people go out of their way to hide their Internet Activity".

According to preliminary research, the typical Internet addict was a single, college-educated, white male in his 30's, who spends approximately 30 hours a week on non-essential computer use.

So, how about you guys? Anybody need to go to IA (Internet Anonymous)? Seriously, I can understand being addicted to things that make you feel good, but do we always have to label every habitual behavior, or routine as an addiction? Like it's some kind of a disease? If alcoholism is a "disease", I guess the same can be said for those who can't turn the computer off.

For me, I may spend an hour or so surfing the net depending on how late it is, then I've had enough. Of course, I enjoy surfing the blogs but that's about it. I get bored and start watching the TV, or reading a good book. But I know that there are times when the net can be a distraction from my troubles, but I don't see it becoming an issue or a problem. I guess that makes me a "social net surfer".

Friday, October 06, 2006


As everybody knows by now, Rep. Mark Foley has been under fire for having IM sex with one or more congressional pages. He has resign his congressional seat. He has also confessed that he is gay and that he has admitted himself to a detox clinic to deal with his addiction to alcohol. That should be enough to satisfy the Democratic party and those in the main stream media who will do anything to see George Bush and the Republican Party lose control of the White House, but it's not!

I didn't really want to write on this topic but everywhere you turn you get this daily barrage of garbage thrown in your face. Let's face it, it's that time of year...election time! People who follow politics will probably see the worse, most nasty, lowdown fights that they have ever witnessed before.

The upside in all of these political attacks is that maybe more men and women who lack character and integrity will not be running in future elections. The downside of these attacks is that maybe more men and women who POSSESS character and integrity will not be running in future elections. Who in their right mind wants to put their families through this kind of daily scrutiny?

God commands those who are appointed to leadership positions to lead "blameless" lives (Titus 1:6-9). Now more than ever, we need people who will stand up for what is right and live the kind of wholesome healthy lifestyles that encourages others to live. Good role models are severely lacking today. Years ago teachers, pastors and parents were role models, now it athletes and artist.

Sadly, politicians have always had a reputation of being crooked and dishonest. I guess the main stream media wouldn't have it any other way...great for ratings and their cause.

Sorry about the blogging layoff, i've been tired and busy. Who isn't these days, right?